Bound Affairs

Track #3 - Fortune Teller

Audio sampling rate: 32Kbps, 24.000Hz


Sometimes things happen, that mind canít explain
Someoneís visions give answers
Itís obviously a talent and strange it remains
How do they talk to the spirits?

Fortuneteller, future seller
Yes was a sinner and have not yet been respected
Facts and predictions came true and were accepted

Facial features a mirror of your soul
Wishing you good luck forever
Itís some kind of magic strange to you all
It seems you are losing the ground
Some called them hey gypsies some others shake hands
Their future depend on a lifeline
Seeing through a crystal sphere they discover rare lands
They are reading emotions inside you

Fortuneteller, future seller
Show me the paths where life goes on
Fortuneteller, future seller
Search in my sight the reason I was born!!!!





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