Bound Affairs

Track #9 - Human Nature

Audio sampling rate: 32Kbps, 24.000Hz


That’s how a story begins, of a lonely man
Life for him was like a game, and he ve lost everything
Stayed alive at the end and said I ll do the best I can
Hope for sunshine
Always wanted, his name to the top
Friends seemed so happy being near
There was a problem he couldn’t just stop
Cause had defeated his fears
So he had nothing to lose, had tried more and more
Thought always could be the winner…

Money luxurious cars, one night stands
Travelled around the world, away from despair
Created a dreamland, was carried in his hands
Life for him was so fair…
All those turned over, because of a crime
He did for a passion to a lover
Strange as it is my friends, he had chosen the time
The game was over…
Then his life was but a shell, ashamed and guilty
A rope round his neck a solution…

Give us one reason, to stay on your side
Choices have taken in the past made you hide
Maybe the lights on surrounded your mind
This is the end…







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